As our name suggests,

we deal with the diverse music in the protestant churches of Europe. Our members are from the following countries: Denmark, France, England, Estonia, Finland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands, Norway, Austria, Romania, Sweden, Switzerland Slovakia, Czech Republic and Hungary.

We are an association of ecclesiastical organizations, institutions and associations. Mutual exchange, getting to know the church music in the European countries, but also the joint consultation of important questions and getting to know new impulses, ideas and trends shape our meetings. The meetings provide important impulses, which lead to the exchange of knowledge, experiences, but also specifically to the exchange of musical notes or mutual, deepening visits (choral, community, study trips as well as personal visits) in Europe. In the secularizing world our meetings as mutual strengthening in the intensified diasporas situation of many protestant churches are an important factor.

Working sessions (since 1982 every two years in Strasbourg) alternate with country meetings. As a rule, one topic is deepened during the working sessions, while the country sessions serve to gain intensive insights into the church music of the members.

Founded in 1970 in Frankfurt am Main (D) as “Mitteleuropäische Kontakte für evangelische Kirchenmusik” (MKEK) with organizations from Germany, the Netherlands, Austria and Italy.
1991 Change of name to the European Conference on Protestant Church Music, on the occasion of the Lenzburg Country Conference (CH). 2020 is celebrated with a large meeting of the 50th anniversary of the European Conference for Protestant Church Music.